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Tell me about death!An interactive exhibition about the before and the afterwards

Tell me about death is a co-operation between the Alice – Museum for Children at the FEZ in Berlin, the Franckeschen Stiftungen Halle and the Edwin Scharff Museum.

Tell me about death! This request seems quite alien in a society that has almost completely banished death from everyday life. But death and having to say goodbye are an essential part of life!

The concept of this ‘let’s get involved’ or hands-on-exhibition is to motivate children and adults of any age to reflect on the topic across all generations. Various atmospheric rooms – designed with love for detail – focussing on the different aspects of death, will accompany you on your journey into the often unknown.

First of all you’ll need a passport, in order to cross the border to the mysterious beyond. This passport, which you’ll receive at the travel agent’s right at the beginning, will lead the way to the big questions of this world.

A large hourglass can be seen in the foreground. Several children stand around it with astonished faces.
Seeing how time slips away with the help of a large hourglass – the symbolic passage from this world to the hereafter takes place in the time machine. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Nik Schölzel

Is it possible to see how time is passing? How long is eternal? Will you grow angel’s wings when you’re dead? The exhibition will help you to find your own answers. In one of the rooms you can actually watch the time passing:

There is a giant hourglass in the time machine, and the sand is incessantly running through it…

Now that you’re prepared, the journey will lead you through various different stations, showing you how to navigate through hope, fears and desires.

In the realm of Osiris – here you can prepare yourself for life after death. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Martina Strilic
Three girls mix a drink with concentrated faces.
How do you actually become immortal? Perhaps by drinking a self-mixed immortality potion. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Nik Schölzel
Ageing is part of the theme of life and death. In the "Gallery of Ages", the different phases of life of different people are traced. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Martina Strilic

For centuries and across all cultures, people have been pondering the same questions: Are we simply gone, when we’re dead? Or, is a person only really dead when nobody remembers them?

The "Mexican Day of the Dead" takes as its theme the colourful and cheerful farewell rites of other cultures and shows visitors young and old how the topics of death, saying goodbye and remembrance are dealt with worldwide. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Martina Strilic
Children look at various objects in the "Living Room of Remembrance". One girl has also put on a hat and is walking on a walking stick with her back bent over.
In the "living room of memory", you can find out what the objects one owns say about a person – or even try it out for yourself: what is it actually like when you get old and need a walking stick? Phptp: Edwin Scharff Museum, Nik Schölzel

Whether thoughtful in the garden of paradise, where you’ll discover archeological grave goods, or funny and playful in the laboratory, where you can mix an immortality potion – protected worlds of experiences allow you to cautiously engage with the other side of life – with death.

In the "Garden of Paradise", different ideas of the afterlife are impressively presented, partly through historical but also contemporary grave goods. A grave find from the Middle Ages shows the bones of a 12-year-old girl. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Martina Strilic

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