In front of and behind the scenes

Reception and Office

Kerstin Wingenfeld — reception and office

Kerstin Wingenfeld will usually greet you on the phone. She is the first contact person for handling your queries and deals with the correspondence and administrative work. She is also involved with all tasks concerning both museums and the special exhibitions.

Flora Fick — reception and office

Flora Fick also welcomes you on the phone part-time and will be able to provide you with further assistance. Like Kerstin, she also deals with the administrative work, which includes managing our periodical exchange and making sure you receive invitations to our events and openings on time.

Our team at the cash desk

The first contact you have when you visit us is with our staff at the cash desk, who give you your entrance tickets. But they will also be happy to help you with any queries you may have, whether it is about our exhibitions, the museum our educational programme or our range of items in the museum shop.

Building services and events technology

Wolfgang Endraß — building services and events technology

Wolfgang is our building services manager who supervises the museum’s air conditioning and security systems, ensuring perfect conservational conditions in the museum’s depots. He is responsible for the proper lighting of the artworks for the exhibitions. With hundreds of manual adjustments, he makes sure the whole building runs smoothly, including during the events, where he synchronises the sound and lighting settings.

Our cleaning staff

Cleanliness and hygiene are important. Our cleaning team is responsible for this. However, you will not usually see them, because they make sure everything is clean and shiny outside our opening hours.

Our educational team

Versatility is the strength of our museum educational team. Our team includes educators with many different specialisms, including art, drama, experiential education, dance and music. They will be happy to answer any of your questions about our educational programme. They look after the exhibitions in the children’s museum, organise creative workshops and activities for schools and kindergartens. They also accompany groups through our permanent collections of Edwin Scharff and Ernst Geitlinger as well special exhibitions in the art museum. When doing this, their work is always individually adapted to the particular target group.

Organisation Team and Research Assistants

Karin Seyferth — cultural economist and research assistant

Karin Seyferth has a degree in international cultural and business studies and is also a qualified bank clerk. Karin is responsible for finance and controlling and also deals with the more comprehensive procurement projects. Another of her responsibilities is the organisation of the art exhibitions: this involves coordinating all the tasks and deadlines and managing all the processes so that everything is in place ready for the opening of the exhibition. She is also a contact person for media and PR work, advertising and the supporting programme of the museum.

Minja Mayenberger M.A. — registrar and research assistant

Our registrar is responsible for the administration and access to the holdings of the municipal collections, so she is your contact person for loans, transport and insurance in the art and children’s museums. Minja’s main responsibilities are the art holdings in the town hall, the graphic art and paintings collections and the Pfuhl local history collection.

Kristina Baumann M.A. — research assistant

Kristina Baumann is an art historian and contact person for the holdings of the collections, including the Edwin Scharff and Ernst Geitlinger collections, the small sculpture collection, public art, the town’s history and geology collections. In cooperation with the museum director, she is your contact person if you have any questions regarding engagement and encouraging participation programs for people with or without disabilities. The organisation of special events and the coordination of public relations work are also part of her responsibilities.

Julia Schmitt M.A. — research assistant

The art historian is responsible for the organisation of special events such as the Museum Festival, International Museum Day or Cultural Night. She also coordinates public relations and media matters, both for the art museum and the children's museum. Julia also supports Birgit Höppl by organising events and exhibtions in the children's museum.

Rebecca Seiler — team and booking manager

Rebecca Seiler manages the pedagogical staff of the children's museum. This includes the planning and organisation of group bookings and the visitor support during the opening hours of the museum. She also acts as a mediator between the pedagogical team and the museum administration.

Tanja Martin M.A. — academic trainee

As an academic trainee and art historian, Helena supports the museum team mainly in the organisation of the special exhibitions in the art museum. She also helps by organising the numerous special events and guides visitor groups through the exhibitions.


Dr. Helga Gutbrod — museum director

Dr. Helga Gutbrod is an art historian and director of the municipal collections of Neu-Ulm where she plans and designs the museum exhibitions and its numerous activities. She is responsible for contact with lenders, exhibition partners, artists and the press. She is also the first contact person within the municipal administration. The range of her responsibilities includes: deciding which exhibitions will be shown and which poster is printed and whether a catalogue is produced, which texts are to be read in the exhibition – as well as representing the museum in the town council and to the public.

Birgit Höppl M.A. — deputy director

Birgit Höppl is an art historian and deputy director of the municipal collections of Neu-Ulm. She supports and represents the museum’s director, working in close collaboration with her. Birgit is responsible for the project management of all special exhibitions, the children’s museum and the educational team. She is your contact person if you have any questions concerning the media and PR or collaborations with the children’s museum.