Education and Creativity

The art museum and children’s museum are places of cultural education where we keep in mind the many various target groups and their wide range of learning needs. In order to meet these, we provide accompanied museum visits, guided tours, literary tours and talks about art for all ages. 

Individual creative work in our workshops and studios is led by our artists and educators. All of our offers can be booked by agreement on an individual basis. As an extracurricular learning facility, we cooperate closely with schools and kindergartens. Through our holiday programmes for the children of working parents we help to meet the needs of combining work and family life.

Our programme of events is put together by a large team comprising art historians, experiential and art educators, drama teachers, art therapists and other qualified educators.

Bookings and registration: esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de
We kindly ask you to request guided tours and accompanied exhibition visits at least two weeks in advance. They are only considered booked when you receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail.

Offers and formats

Das Foto zeigt eine Gruppe im Kunstmuseum, die durch die Ausstellung geführt wird. Rechts im Foto erklärt eine Kunstvermittlerin ein Foto.
For adults and young people

Guided tours and talks through the exhibition in the art museum

Experience more, see more: In our guided tours we present the museum, its special exhibitions and the Edwin Scharff and Ernst Geitlinger permanent collections to people of all ages.

We complement the offer with special literary or musical tours, and guided tours with actors.

Usually the public tours are held in German language.

You can find the public dates in our calendar.

You are also welcome to arrange a guided tour on your desired date. You can reach us by phone via +49 731 7050-2520 or by e-mail at esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

Literary tours

ART MEETS LITERATURE in the art museum

Hearing and seeing: We occasionally provide literary tours of our special exhibitions, in which actors or authors recite poems and stories bringing to life the work and times of the artists being exhibited.
This programme is usually held in German language.

Auf dem Foto sieht im Vordergrund eine Frau, die vor einem Bild im Kunstmuseum zeichnet. Sie hält einen Bock und einen Stift in der Hand. Im Hintergrund stehen zwei Frauen, die sich zusammen ein Gemälde anschauen. Das Foto ist anlässlich des Angebotes Atelier im Museum entstanden.
For adults

ART STUDIO IN THE MUSEUM in the art museum

Enjoy drawing, painting, printmaking and clay modelling while learning from experts.

Not only do we show adults around our art exhibitions we also provide a wide variety of artist-led creative courses. Apart from the content of the exhibitions, we also want to impart creative and artistic skills and techniques. For example, we regularly run life and portrait classes and also modelling workshops.

For adults and young people

An international museum Cultural encounters in the Edwin Scharff Museum

The Edwin Scharff Museum has always considered itself to be a place that enables and supports the meeting of cultures.
Communication between people of different cultures is an issue that is particularly important to us. We will be inviting people to a series of regular intercultural dialogues. In the museum there are many pictures and sculptures that are directly linked to our everyday culture and have connections with our personal biographies. We want to discuss these in a relaxed atmosphere and bring our different worlds of experience closer together.
The group always welcomes new members.
This event is free.
See our calendar to find upcoming dates. Please register at esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

For adults and young people

ART AT NOON in the art museum

The museum and the museum café come together in this offer. During a half-hour guided tour, a special aspect of the current special exhibition in the art museum is highlighted. Afterwards all participants have lunch together in the museum café.

This programme is usually held in German language.

Auf dem Foto sieht man den Hausmeister Fink - eine fiktive Figur, die durch die Ausstellung zu Ernst Geitlinger führt. Der Hausmeister trägt einen Blaumann und darüber ein kariertes Hemd. Eine Werkzeugtasche trägt er um die Hüfte herum. Auffällig ist auch der markante Schnauzbart. Er steht vor zwei Kunstwerken von Ernst Geitlinger.
For adults and young people


In this theater-pedagogical tour, “Caretaker Fink” explains with a wink of the eye how he understands the painter Ernst Geitlinger and what connects him personally with the artist.

Under the direction of Rebecca Seiler, the actress and museum educator Nicole Demel developed and plays the figure of Edmond Fink. The caretaker is assisted by the art historian Kristina Baumann, who helps out with facts and ensures the (art) historical classification.

This programme is held in German language with Swabian accent.

You can find the public dates in our calendar.

You are also welcome to arrange a guided tour on your desired date. You can reach us by phone via +49 731 7050-2520 or by e-mail at esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

Kindermuseum Architektierisch-Begleitung
For schools, kindergartens, groups with young people and adults

ACCOMPANIED EXHIBITION VISITS in the children’s museum

Allow us to show you the most exciting parts of the exhibition. There are no guided tours in the children’s museum because it is a place where everyone can discover and explore for themselves. But our exhibition guides know where you can film, listen, take notes or gain hands-on experience. They are there to give you tips and information about your visit.

It is of course possible to visit the exhibition in the children’s museum on your own, but an accompanied visit is more exciting.

Combined exhibition visit and museum workshop

Groups that have signed up for an accompanied visit can book one of the creative play workshops that our educational team develops for every exhibition.

We offer this programme in German and English language.

Bookings and dates on request: esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

For schools and kindergartens :WORKSHOPS in the children’s museum and in the art museum

Eine Mitarbeiterin des Museums betrachtet mit einer Gruppe von Kindern Figuren, die in der Ausstellung stehen.
Das Foto zeigt Kinder in der Museumswerkstatt. Sie tragen Malkittel und probieren verschiedene Farben aus.

It is also possible to arrange accompanied tours of the children’s museum outside our normal opening times. If required, you can also combine them with a workshop session.

For every exhibition in the art museum there is a museum workshop programme lasting several weeks, that is open to schools and kindergartens several times a day. For higher grades there are dialogue-based tours through our permanent and special exhibitions.

We would ask you to give us at least two weeks’ notice to arrange tours and accompanied exhibition visits. Tours are only booked when you receive confirmation of registration by email.
Request to: esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

We offer this programme in German and English language.

Children age 6 to 12

Colourful is my favourite colour A workshop

Do you like pictures, figures and whatever else is standing around in the museum? Do you feel like looking, painting, Friemeln, kneading?

On various Fridays, we draw, blot or build whatever we can imagine.

Costs: € 4 per event
Registration via esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

Eine Museumsmitarbeiterin erklärt Familien mit Kindern, die an einem Tisch in der Museumswerkstatt sitzen, eine kreative Aufgabe.
For families

Creative Sunday – Drop-in workshop in the children’s museum

A special offer for the whole family are the Creative Sundays in the children’s museum. In our museum workshop, young and old visitors alike can become creative under the guidance of the educational team. Our team is always developing new ideas for this offer – be surprised and stay curious!

For adults and young people


Our open studio offers you the opportunity of experimenting with the materials prepared for you. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to work with emulsion and acrylic paints, pastels, pencils or charcoal. An art educational assistant will be there to provide suggestions if needed and answer any questions.

Ein Museumsmitarbeiter entdeckt mit einer Gruppe von Kindern ungewöhnliche Orte in Neu-Ulm. Die Gruppe steht auf dem Foto vor einer großen Holztür, die zu einem Raum in der alten Stadtmauer führt.
Groups of all ages


Backyards and small alleys, secret nooks and crannies: We take a closer look at all that is little perceived in everyday life. Because the city of Neu-Ulm is big and small, old and young. Many people live here and there are many well known places like the town hall, the hospital or the school(s). But have you ever looked behind the scenes? Or into the backyards and small alleys, which are mostly hidden from our eyes?

Neu-Ulm is a city in transition. And it is much more than what we recognise at first glance: Neu-Ulm is located on a river that is also the border between two German states; Neu-Ulm has a past and continues to grow into the future. Neu-Ulm has interesting architecture and many works of art in public spaces – but is the art always recognisable at first glance?

If you stroll through the city with us, you will have the opportunity to approach our surroundings with completely new perspectives. There is no way is too far away, together we go watching out for traces! Who knows, perhaps the look behind the scenes of the city will even lead to the office of the mayor or to the fire department?

Target groups: groups of all ages
Duration: 1.5 to 4 hours
Place: Neu-Ulm, inner city

The content of this program depends on the booked time, weather and age of the group. You are welcome to send us your desired topic for the focus of the tour when booking.

Drei Mädchen im Grundschulalter stehen in einem aufgeblasenen Schlauchboot und halten Stäbe in ihren Händen. Sie imitieren damit Edwin Scharffs Werk Männer im Boot, das auf dem Rathausplatz in Neu-Ulm steht. Im Hintergrund sitzen weitere Kinder und beobachten die Szene.
For kindergartens, school classes and other educational insitutions


We take the museum with us and go outside!
For schools and kindergartens, we have developed the “Museum in a Backpack”.

Museum in a backpack 1:
Are sculptures made of plastic? – Edwin Scharff, a sculptor from Neu-Ulm and sculpture in public space.
Where are the “Three Men in a Boat” on the town hall square in Neu-Ulm actually going? We recreate them on site and get to the bottom of artist Edwin Scharff’s thoughts. But there’s much more to discover in the city.

Museum in a backpack 2:
Neu-Ulm is more colourful than you think! It’s about colour, form and the pleasure for both.
In the city, there are bright orange benches, sky-blue houses and grass-green balconies. Everything sounds wildly different: the colourful facades, which are additionally painted or decorated, the roof shapes, stairs and design of the window fronts. How would you design them? What tone does yellow actually make and what does a deep blue sound like? We explore how colour and form influence our perception of the city.

Starting point: Edwin Scharff Museum at Petrusplatz.

Information: “Museum in a rucksack” takes place outdoors and will be held in any case. Please make sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear. In exceptional cases (in particularly bad weather), the backpacks can also be unpacked in the museum.

Dates and booking:
By arrangement, at least 14 days in advance. If you are interested, you can obtain further information at: esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

Mitarbeiterinnen des Museums und Kinder aus dem Ferienprogramm haben viele unterschiedliche Materialien auf der Terrasse des Museums ausgebreitet. Die Kinder gestalten ihre eigenen Wohlfühl-Stühle.
For children age 6 to 12

Holidays in the museum

We are doing our bit to support working parents by providing a great holiday programme for their children.

Every year at Easter and at the beginning and end of the summer holidays our educational assistants develop new and exciting concepts for children from about six to twelve years of age. Activities are oriented around the topic oft he exhibition in the children’s museum and will include building things and experimenting in the workshop, exploring the museum and its surroundings and playing in the museum courtyard. Together we will also be doing some chopping and cooking in the museum kitchen!

Our holiday programmes are extremely popular, so we recommend booking early.

More information can be found in our calendar.

For children, young people and adults :CELEBRATE IN THE MUSEUM

Children’s birthday parties

Would you like to celebrate a special birthday?

Girls and boys aged 5 – 12 can celebrate their birthday with us with up to 11 friends in the museum. We offer birthday children a program lasting up to three hours, during which they can explore the hands-on exhibition and, if they wish, be creative in the museum workshop. Of course, they can entertain their birthday guests themselves with what they have brought along or eat in the museum café by arrangement.

Our children’s birthday parties are very popular! Please register with us in advance so that we can make your date possible. Children’s birthday parties can be booked on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Request and booking via: esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

Birthdays and business events

Is there an occasion that you would like to celebrate in a really special way? Then why not spend some creative time with your family, colleagues or business partners in the museum? 
Choose between our studio or guided tour offers – or plan a programme with us that is tailored to your particular occasion. Catering for your guests can be arranged in the museum café.
Please book well in advance so that we can accommodate your requirements. Charges will depend on your individual booking. 

Request and booking via: esm-buchungen@post.neu-ulm.de

Eine Junge hat in der Ausstellung Architektierisch einen Iglu mit Kunststoffblöcken nachgebaut und schaut nun oben heraus.
School in the museum


The museum has been cooperating with primary, secondary and special needs schools since 2010.

In the course of a school year, five school working groups spend afternoons exploring the exhibitions in the art museum and children’s museum and working creatively in the workshop using a wide range of materials and techniques. Members of the museum’s educational staff supervise the working groups in consultation with the responsible teachers.

For further information please contact us via esm@neu-ulm.de .

For pedagogical and educational staff

FURTHER TRAINING in the art museum and in the children’s museum

Learn and experience: As a place of cultural education, we focus on many different target groups and the most diverse learning needs. As a place of learning, we are cooperation partners for schools and kindergartens. We invent museum workshops for each special exhibition.

We help to combine family and work life through our holiday programs for children of working parents. In addition to the promotion of creative skills, the aims of our teaching are above all the promotion of communicative and social skills. Our programme of events is put together by a large team comprising art historians, experiential and art educators, drama teachers, art therapists and other qualified educators.

Further training
The museum provides training programmes for teachers of children of all ages tailored to the current topics in the museum.

For further information please contact us via esm@neu-ulm.de