Kindermuseum erzähl mir was vom tod
Special exhibition children’s museum

TELL ME ABOUT DEATH!A participatory exhibition about the before and the afterwards

Tell me about death!  ̶  This invitation seems strange in a society that has successfully ousted death from everyday life. And then, of all places, this topic is addressed in an exhibition for children and their parents. How is that supposed to work? It works because topics such as “age”, “time” and “transience” are presented in a playful and vivid way.

In the "Laboratory of Immortality" they are researching on an eternity elixir
In the "Laboratory of Immortality" they are researching on an eternity elixir. Photo Edwin Scharff Museum, Nik Schölzel

Fairy tales, myths and games have helped people explain life and death since time immemorial. Walk-in room stagings introduce different aspects of the theme: From the “Clock Room” with the large hourglasses, the path leads to other worlds. A labyrinth of streets and chambers lures visitors on individual explorations. Do I first choose the “Garden of Paradise” or do I venture into the “Living Room of Memories”? Do I explore the “Gallery of Ages” or rather the “Mexican Altar” first?

Exhibition Tell me about death
In the realm of Osiris – here you can prepare yourself for life after death. Photo: Edwin Scharff Museum, Nik Schölzel

An exhibition of the Kindermuseum in FEZ-Berlin 

and the Franckeschen Stiftungen Halle

with additional hands-on stations designed by the Edwin Scharff Museum.